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Troop Characteristics

Our Troop Characteristics


Our troop seems to consistently range any where from 35-45 scouts with the majority of our scouts falling in the 12-16 age range. 

Many of our boys have advanced to honor ranks and are prepared for leadership of younger boys.  Our Eagle Scouts, who despite being in college and high school, maintain their honor by still remaining active and in contact with the troop as often as life will allow. 

We are an active troop - we meet every week for troop meetings, and have a troop activity such as hiking, camping, or a service project each month,  12 months a year.

We are a Boy Run Troop which means with adult guidance and supervision, the boys themselves plan, run and lead their meetings and activities. 

Our Scoutmaster, 10 Assistant Scoutmasters and Senior Patrol Leader supervise and advise the Patrol Leaders as they lead the troop meetings and events.

Our boy scouts are supported by an active, fully functioning parent committee that oversees and assists the boys and the Scoutmasters in their yearly program.  We ask that every family has a member serve the troop in some capacity to provide equal share of responsibility and to ensure a quality program for the boys. 

We are a full Class A uniformed troop. 

We plan our program 12-15 months in advance so that boys can participate in the planning and that funding can be secured for events.  We place rank advancement, personal growth and having fun with equal weight when considering events and activities for program.  Our expectation is that each scout and their families will make an attempt at 100% participation so that each boy will benefit and all will have a great time.

Our troop values the concept of boys learning how to earn their own way in scouting.  It not only provides equal opportunity for all but teaches boys the value of their work and gives them the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their labor. 

To assist in our scouts in earning their own way, our troop participates in the city wide Christmas tree recycling drive which provides the majority of funds for our year long program.  Our scouts also actively participate in BSA popcorn sales.  All popcorn sale profits belong to the boys and are placed in their own troop accounts to use in paying dues, purchasing equipment such as back packs, sleeping bags, etc. or to be used to pay for resident summer camp.  We believe a scout needs to learn how to determine their needs, earn what they need, manage their money, and then pay their way.